Implement Policies to Reduce Child Neglect – Dr. Angela Dwamena Aboagye tells Government

October 4, 2019 0 Comments

The Executive Director of the Ark Foundation, Dr. Angela Dwamena Aboagye has charged government and other institution leaders to focus more on implementing policies against child abuse and child neglect in Ghana.

According to the executive director, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social protection is overburden with so many departments which mostly takes attention from children in Ghana.

“Because, there is no adequate focus by our policy institutions and thereby enabling them to see through other institutions, the children are seriously falling out and that’s why i think that the children needs their own institution but not another ministry” she added.

According to DOVVSU in 2017, a total of 31,480 children have been abandoned and neglected by their parents and guardians.

Dr. Angela Dwamena Aboagye

Speaking to Rayliza Tv on the sideline of The 2019 Ghana NGO forum, attended by NGOs in Ghana, on the theme “Preventing Child Neglect : Whose responsibility?” Dr. Angela lamented on how the cases of parental irresponsibility is growing in Ghana

Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh

Meanwhile, the organizers of the forum, OAfrica has encouraged the NGOs that their concerns reported at the forum will be channeled to government to be addressed soon.

Spokesperson for the committee of the forum, Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh called on the media to help with the campaign in educating the public on child neglect and abuse.


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