Rhema Full Gospel Church – HQ (Woe)

April 14, 2019 0 Comments

The Rhema Full Gospel Church was started by the end of 1988. Registered with the government of Ghana on 5th April, 1991. The registration was renewed in 2018 due to change of some laws. When in prayer, God spoke clearly from John 15:16. We saw two major sides to this.
– Going forth to bear fruits
– The fruits remaining
Hence our mission statement: ‘Evangelism and Church planting, the heart beat of God. Make them shine here and fit them for heaven

Where our branches are :
In the rural areas of South Eastern Ghana. (Keta, Anloga, Ketu South, Ketu North, Ashiaman, Whuti,South Dayie, Tongu , Ho, municipalities and districts and also Togo Republic). We have planted over 40 churches even in La Cot’ivore. But lost some because of false brethren and financial needs. These are places where Traditional Religion, man-made gods and poverty are very real. Most are farmers and fishermen.



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  1. This is our dream too to see the Body of Christ expanded, grow mightily in Faith and be financially sound. Thanks for your partnership with us. We are ever committed to see the Kingdom of God grow mightily and prevail in this end time. God bless us all

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